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Sage & Thistle

Hibiscus, Cranberry & Butterfly Pea Facial Toner

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Refresh, soften & tone your skin with the Hibiscus, Cranberry & Butterfly Pea antioxidant-rich face toner! Our newest natural skincare product is made with organic botanicals & alcohjol-free Witch Hazel extract! Each of the herbal allies present is slowly infused into our natural witch hazel and has been chosen for its softening, brightening, soothing & toning properties. 

To use: Cleanse skin using one of Sage & Thistle's premium, all-natural soap bars, and spritz damp skin 1-3 times with Toner. Use hands to gently rub it in, and follow with one of our natural Face Oils or a natural moisturizer of your choice. Reapply throughout the day as needed to cool and refresh skin!

Oil-free and naturally scented with Witch Hazel & Botanicals - no added essential oils.