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This is Your Spiritual Retreat by Matt Oestreicher, Brian Leaf

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Carry this journal and take your spiritual journey anywhere. 

Like a spiritual retreat or a self-contained trip to a personal guru, this journal offers a path to enlightenment without having to go anywhere. This Is Your Spiritual Retreat is a guided journal to ease stress, reduce anxiety, deal with anger and depression, boost self-confidence, and realize your full potential. The journal has 18 prompts that build on each other, acting as steps on a journey towards growth and healing. Alongside guided exercises are illustrations and writing space to reflect and record revelations along the way.

DIFFERENT APPROACH: There are many spirituality journals and personal growth journals out there but most of them include prompts that don’t necessarily build on each other. This journal is a complete journey that builds from the first prompt to the last, helping readers gain a deeper knowledge of themselves as they go.

FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: The accessible content and easy-to-follow prompts will appeal to anyone looking to deepen their personal awareness and realize their potential—from New Year’s resolution setters who want an easy way into spiritual growth, to seasoned yogis looking for new ways to connect with their intuition.

MULTI-YEAR USE: This journal is for the spiritually curious and doesn’t tie to any one trend. Mind/body/spirit enthusiasts will continue to turn to it year after year.