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Princeton Architectural Press

Up the Mountain Path by Marianne Dubuc

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A heartwarming and charming illustrated story that encourages a sense of exploration and adventure in young readers

Mrs. Badger, an avid collector and naturalist, lives in a house at the foot of a small mountain. Every Sunday, she takes the path from her garden to the mountain’s peak, greeting her friends along the way and collecting treasures she finds on the trail.

One day she meets Lulu, a very small but curious cat, who wants to go with her to the top of the mountain. “What will we see up there?”, Lulu asks. “The world.”, Mrs. Badger replies. Despite being a little nervous, Lulu trusts Mrs. Badger and learns how to climb the trail and appreciate the natural world along the way. And when Mrs. Badger gets too weak to join Lulu for their weekly climb, Lulu continues to climb alone, eventually discovering new paths previously untaken and undiscovered.

Rich in wisdom and beautifully illustrated, Up the Mountain Path offers a profound story full of lessons about love, friendship, generosity, and following one's heart.